verb (used without object),

e·loped, e·lop·ing

1. to scamper off secretly to be married.
2. to run away with a lover.
3. to leave without notification; escape.
4. to have an awesome celebration of love.

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YOU’RE IN LUCK! We have created something you will love called Little Big Day! It’s a micro wedding that has every detail planned out! You have two hours to celebrate with up to 25 of your friends and family at a venue of your choice. All you have to do is show up ready to get hitched! The timeline is generally as follows: 45 minute photo session, 15 minute ceremony, and an hour to mingle with your friends and family and enjoy a sweet treat! The investment varies based on venue costs, yet includes photography, floral details, cake, music, and an officiant!

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Easy-peasy! Just fill out the contact form below or email ashley@thewhiterabbitstudios.com or call her at 256-797-6624

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